Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Sun, Jul 19 - This was a special treat!!  Friends Lois and Gene called to say that on Sunday after church they would like to come by with take-out Chinese from a local restaurant, Tiki Tiki!  "Do not not do anything; I've taken care of everything!" she said.  So I did nothing!  Well, they did let me open a bottle of Pinot Grigio to go with lunch!

Lois had indeed brought everything.  Dishes, glasses utensils, cups, and a glass hot tea pot with magic tea leaves that created a "tea flower blossom" in the center of the pot as she poured boiling water into it.  All of that plus take-out dinners for each of us!

When we had finished our lunch, Lois passed out special dark chocolate treats.  Then, she proceeded to gather up all the dishes and utensils, put everything in plastic bags, and then they were gone just like a magic Genie.

Thanks so much Lois and Gene for this very special treat.  You cannot know how much we appreciated your thoughtfulness!!

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