Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Thur, Jul 02 - How did we end up with a new Apple iPhone???!!!  Well, it all started today, July 2nd.  I received a text message from Verizon that I had used 500 of my 550 anytime minutes under my contract.  Our contract period would not end until July 8th.  And I was going into the hospital on July 8th for Hip Replacement Surgery.  I needed more minutes to get me through!!!  What to do???

I called Verizon to see if I could purchase about 100 more minutes to get me through my surgery.  No.  Jeramy said we no longer make that offer.  What we can offer is this wonderful "More Everything Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data"!!  It only cost $$.  OK.  That sounds good, or it did until I found out the plan was for Unlimited Talk, Text, and only 500 MB of Data!!  That's right!  500 MB of Data.  What happens to my 5 GB of data I have so I can use my Palm Pixi as my Personal Hot Spot for my computer??  That comes out of the 500 MB.  No way -- That's not enough!!  You'll need to buy additional data.  You can increase your data to 6 GB for only $$$.  And you will have unlimited Talk and Text.

Then, unfortunately, Ken heard Jeramy refer to our Palm Pixi as a Smart Phone!!  That did it.  If we're paying for a Smart Phone, we should have a Smart Phone!!  The Palm Pixi is great as a Hot Spot but it was a terrible telephone!!  (Actually, we were NOT paying for a Smart Phone; we were only paying for a Palm Pixi!)  But, Jeramy had the answer again!  You can buy the Apple iPhone for $500 + under the Edge Program.  With the Edge Program payments are spread out over 24 months, and with various monthly Verizon discounts, they will basically be buying the iPhone for you!!  Sounds too good to be true!!

But, on July 02 we signed up for all the wonderful stuff!!  Ken had a great but frustrating time trying to get to know his new iPhone!  Sooo many Apps!  So much stuff we will never ever use.  But it was fun playing with it, for a while!!

Our contract period begins on the 9th and ends on the 8th.  With a week and a half to go under our first month with the iPhone, we received a text message that we had used 75% of our 6 GB of data!! A few days later, we had used 90% of our data!!  We went to the Verizon store complaining.  How could we have used so much data??  I never used more that 3.5 GB when I was using the Palm Pixi as a Personal Hot Spot??  What choice did we have but to buy additional GB of data for the rest of the month and went back to the 6 GB thereafter!

The next month, the same thing -- You have used 75% of your data!!!  Back to the Verizon Store to complain.  This time Daniel said we should not use the iPhone as a Personal Hot Spot -- we needed the Verizon JetPack to use as MiFi for my computer and for the iPhone when WiFi was needed!

So, we bought the JetPack, but we did get a $50 VISA gift card to offset the cost.  Still there is the activation fee and monthly line access charge!! $$

Next month, even with the JetPack, we received another Text Message.  We have used 75% of our Data!!   At this point I realized that people who have the iPhone or Smart Phone and enjoy using it for all kinds of things, have access to unlimited FREE WiFi through work or at home, etc.!!  We do not have WiFi!!  The iPhone and then the JetPack were supposed to be our WiFi!!  We were so mad!!   We turned off all of the Apps and stopped using the computer!!  Marched back to the Verizon store determined to return all of the new stuff and go back to my Palm Pixi!!!

Of course that did not work!  But the store manager did say:  We have this new plan that was not available a few months ago.  For the same price you are paying now you can get 12 GB of Data!!!  Two times as much Data for the same monthly charge!!  And, hopefully, no more warning Text Messages!!!

So we took the new 12 GB plan -- Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and 12 GB Data!!!  We turned on many of the iPhone Apps and started using the computer again.

Now, the first month with 12 GB of Data, we used only 1.7 GB!!!  Who can explain???!!!

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