Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Summer 2015 - Last year during the Annual Ken and Faye Ewbank Pickleball Tournament, Mike Roberts who heads the Pickleball program at TT Chesapeake Bay, dedicated the four new Pickleball courts in our name!  We were so surprised.  Mike presented us with this plaque and hung it in a prominent position at the courts!

There were a lot of people playing Pickleball during the summer.  Since I was not able to get on the courts to take pictures, I had the brilliant idea to take pictures as players came off the courts.  (In front of our plaque!!)  Maybe you will recognize some of the players.

The Handicapped Bracket!!  (Bob and Faye)

And these two friends who stayed in the cabin across the road from our RV.  Although we did not see them on the courts, we had to include a picture of Harry and Karen.

Good friend Julie not only plays Pickleball, she is a very popular Ranger at TT Chesapeake Bay this season!

It was so great seeing everyone enjoying their summer here at TT Chesapeake Bay.  Just wish we were more physically able to join them!!

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