Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Sep 3 & 4 -  I was thrilled when my daughter Stasia and son Barry came up from North Carolina to stay a couple of days with us at TT Chesapeake Bay!!  We had so much fun together even though I could not do very much having had hip replacement in July and am suffering with the newly diagnosed Spinal Cyst!!

The Kids making after-breakfast Mimosas!  UUUMMM

We had fun with the golf cart.  They insisted that I go to the pool to exercise after having had my right hip replaced.  I must walk!!!  After which we'd spend a little time at the hot tub!

Their time with us ended all too soon.  Here we are telling Stasia good bye.  Barry stayed for an extra day to help Ken and me with some projects around the RV.

Thank you Kids for your visit!!  I love you!!!

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