Saturday, January 31, 2009


January 15 –The Winter Training Headquarters of the Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions is in Myakka City, FL, only about 45 miles from TT Peace River. Who would have guessed!! As a part of the training program, informal shows are staged frequently, open to the public. For a mere donation, not only can you see the show, but, you are welcome to visit the stables to get up really close and personal with these magnificent animals. You may remember the story of how the Royal Lipizzaners were rescued from Hostau, Czechoslovakia during WWII by General Patton’s troops as Russian forces were closing in. Now their offspring are here!!

Ken and I went to one of the shows last year and what a thrill it was. This year, Ken went with Stan and Sally to see one of their shows.

Ken said the original Herrmann had only daughters. Consequently, only girls trained and rode the horses. That tradition has continued. Males in the family can work around the horses, but do not train or ride them!! Interesting. Note, only female riders below.

The Lipizzaners are know throughout the world as the “dancing horses”. Here the famous Airs Above the Ground.

Lipizzaners with dark hair or mane have not yet matured. At maturity, the horses are pure white.

The current owner of the Royal Lipizzan Stallions. She is the granddaughter of the original Mr. Herrmann. The stallion performing the stunt is young (note the mane). The stallion on which she is mounted is over 30 years old!!

The Grand Finale!!

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Show Us The World said...

We are definitely doing this before we leave FL. It looks like such a wonderful experience. I love your pictures!