Saturday, August 29, 2009


After playing a game of Disc Golf with my daughter’s family in Goldsboro, I was really excited to present the idea to Ru at TT Chesapeake Bay. Let’s get Disc Golf going at the campground!!! After all, Disc Golf is the Big New Thing!! Everybody is starting to play and courses are springing up all over the country! (At least that’s what I heard.)

At the same time, I discovered there was a Pickleball player who had played Disc Golf while growing up. Ru and I recruited Dawn to help us design the course. We decided to use trees, stumps, etc. as targets so we would not have the expense of buying official baskets. We selected the large open space between the game room and the woods, behind the Horseshoe Pits, as the perfect area for the course. Next we went out to select the various targets – the short stump beside the ditch, the big tree near the bending tree, the fuzzy tree, the bar-b-q pit, etc. until there were nine.

That afternoon we tried out the course. It was a lot of fun. I think Dawn was the expert!!
I need a LOT of practice!!!

Ken walking toward a tree target to retreive his disc.

Ru has a mean toss.
At Play It Again Sports in Richmond, Ken and I found twelve mid-range Golf Discs at a good price. Ru bought them for the game room to have available to lend to members who wish to play – The Cobra, Coyote, Stingray, etc.

We are inviting Everybody!! Come on out and play Disc Golf!!

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Betty Graffis said...

Faye we have Disc Golf
all around us here in the tri county area..!!! So if yo ever get back to the Oregon-Washington area, let us know :)