Saturday, August 29, 2009


You may have noticed from our schedule that we plan to return to the Allegro factory in Redbay, Alabama, on our way for Florida. Here’s why!

The end of July, when we were moving to the Elk’s Lodge for our Week Out of the TT Chesapeake Bay campground, I committed a really big boo boo!! Ken was backing into the site we have used many times before, plenty of room. He decided we should move a little more to the right, closer to the electric circuit. I was directing him and allowed him to back into a tree behind the RV. I could see the tree, and there appeared to be plenty of room to back up another foot at least. I had forgotten about the ladder mounted on the back. The ladder hit the tree and crushed into the back of the motor home!!

As you can see, no damage to the mean old tree, But, a detour to Redbay for us. Ugh!!

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Betty Graffis said...

Oh No! I bet that made you just sick!!!! I am so sorry.