Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was so surprised on Friday, a couple of weeks ago, when Paula showed up for Line Dancing. She was excited that someone was teaching and remembered me from TT Orlando this past winter. We were getting reacquainted when another couple showed up – Larry and Linda who spend their winters in Texas where they line dance every day and night.

The three of them not only wanted to line dance, they wanted to do water aerobics, too, and talked me into bringing my Billie Jo tape to the pool. We had more fun line dancing and doing water aerobics together almost every day. In fact, Larry and Linda were scheduled to leave after one week, but rescheduled so they could stay another week to play with us. Is that amazing or what!!!

Larry and Linda even took us out for lunch at Ginny’s one afternoon because they enjoyed our classes together!! Wasn’t that thoughtful?? Thank you, Larry and Linda.

Paula and Bob. Bob came over occasionally to line dance, too.
We expect to see Paula and Bob in Florida this winter. Hope to run into Larry and Linda somewhere on the road!!

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Show Us The World said...

Sounds like so much fun. You have me interested in learning line dancing! Maybe this winter!

My BIL/SIL are in Chesapeake right now too. If you see them and remember who they are, tell them they need to get back into pickle ball so they can play with us when they head out west in a month. =)