Saturday, August 29, 2009


We have finally gotten back on the Pickleball courts again. There have been a lot of players at Chesapeake Bay this summer. It's Wonderful!!

Scott and Ken - The Red Bandits!!

Faye and John - You can tell Faye does all the work on this team!!

Diane and Mike

Rick and JoAnn

Scott and John - Scott said John was a great "coach". Helped him a lot.

Group waiting to play - Ken, Diane, Mike, Rick, and JoAnn. And a Want-To-Be behind the fence.
Ken and Mike - Father-Son team.

Great Game! Dawn, Michell, Jennie, and Amy

Ken and Wendal

Mike and Jeffrey

Ken, Wendal, Mike and Jeffrey after the game!

Jeffrey again with Granddad, Gilbert

Jeffrey, Gilbert, Amy and Jennie
Ken and Mike - Keep your eyes on the ball!!

I thought these next two pictures were neat!! Tom and Amy playing together. Same game, different points. Same positions!!

Several new players that I don't know - New, Faye, Jack, New, Mike, New, New, Amy

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