Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mar 29 - Every morning when I took the bag of trash from the kitchen trash can, I would notice water in the bottom of the trash can. I thought the water was seeping through the trash bag into the trash can. After about five morning of the same thing, a light came on in my brain! Maybe we had a leak under the kitchen sink!

We checked with a flashlight and surely enough, there was a small leak. Then we noticed a coupling was cracked. Ken removed it so we could find one a Home Depot. We also took pictures to show the service people to see just how much of the plumbing we needed to replace.

Home Depot did not have the part we needed. In fact, some of the plumbing was glued together and we'd have to replace a lot more of the pipe than we had originally thought. The job could possibly include some cutting of the pipe as well.

We decided it was more of a job than Ken wanted to tackle! We found an ad for Freddy G RV Repair in the TT Palm Springs flyer. Freddy G was free and came immediately that afternoon. At first we were not sure we had made the right decision. Freddy G took one look and said, "This is bad!! This is real bad!!" Something in his tone told us he was joking. He evaluated the problem, made note of the parts he would need and left to return the next day. When he returned, he brought an apprentice with him who did the dirty work! Freddy G said he was his $10 a day man -- he paid Freddy G $10 a day to train him.

They had to completely rebuild the plumbing system under the sink. Freddy G said there was only a little leak now, but if we put a towel down, we would never notice it!! HA HA I think they did a great job and the price was reasonable, too.

The replacement looks really good. Now we have stainless steel parts! And there is no leak!!


Betty Graffis said...

Whew!!!!! Glad it was fixable at a decent price.

kadampa42 said...

Just had Freddy G out to fix some plumbing and electrical problems - staying in Lake Cahuilla. Your post is what convinced me to call him - he's the best and yes, his prices are very reasonable!