Sunday, March 27, 2011


Friday, March 25

What a game on Friday night -- VCU took on Florida State in the Round of Sixteen in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, fondly known as "March Madness"!! VCU was the underdog but played an outstanding game. In the final seconds, Florida State was one point ahead!! VCU had the ball in the end zone. They managed to get the ball inside and SCORED!! Now VCU was one point ahead and Florida had the ball but somehow missed the final shot!! VCU had WON!!!

VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) is a college in the middle of our hometown Richmond, VA. My daughter, Stasia, spent a year at VCU before getting married and moving to Goldsboro, NC. Ken's son, Mike, attended VCU and is an avid supporter, attending all home games and many of the away games.

We are all so excited that VCU has done so well in the 2011 Tournament!! First they played USC. After that they had to meet Purdue. Their 3-point game that day was FANtastic and they blew Purdue away!! Next we played neighboring Georgetown where the guy's lightening fast inside game was mind-boggling!! But then we came up against Florida State!! That game was so close we did not know until the final second who would win. VCU pulled it out!!! The Rams had never been to the Round of Sixteen before and now they are in the Elite Eight!!! After that -- it's the Final Four!!! GO RAMS!!

There were four teams from Virginia in the Tournament including two from Richmond -- VCU, University of Richmond, JMU and Old Dominion. VCU is the only team still in the Dance!!

The sports commentators on CBS were discussing VCU on their program this morning. We are really on the map now!!

The next game is on Sunday at 2:20 PM EDST or 11:20 AM PDST against the No. 1 seed Kansas City. (VCU is No. 11.) We will be watching!!!

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Betty Graffis said...

Congratulations!!! I can feel your joy and how pumped you are through your words on here.