Monday, March 28, 2011


Mar 22-29 - According to our Thousand Trails contract, we can stay in a park for two weeks and then we must be out of the park for one week. We could go to another Thousand Trails campground, or anywhere else of our choosing. This time for our week out we went to a Resorts of Distinction RV campground, Desert Pools, about 15 miles away, up in the mountains. It was much cooler and a lot more windy than down in the desert! But, we had a most enjoyable time. Primarily because a number of people we know from Thousand Trails were here. The week seemed to fly by!!

A cactus in bloom at the entrance to Desert Pools.

Snowcapped mountains to the west.

A field of windmills nearby and in the distance on I-10. They are even high on the mountains in the far distance beyond Palm Springs.
A couple of our RV buddies from years ago have a winter place in an adjoining park - Tom and Marion. They are both very good Pickleball players, but Marion spends more of her time these days doing Line Dancing! Nothing wrong with that!!

The two of them invited us over for margaritas and dinner on Thursday afternoon. We ended up playing a game of dominoes called Wildfire. It was so much fun being with them again. Just like old times. Thanks so much, Tom and Marion.

I joined Marion several days at her line dancing classes. On this particular day, I saw saw some other dancers that I know. I really enjoyed the classes a lot!

Marion is in the front. The lady in pink is Kathy who came to my classes at TT Palm Springs. The lady in blue is Pat. Pat and her husband, also TT members, are good Pickleball players but like Marion she is spending her time doing line dancing. Behind Pat in light blue is the teacher from another class I took with Marion on Wednesday.

And of course there was Pickleball -- a lot of Pickleball. Ken played with the group almost every morning. I played a little when I was not dancing. There were always at least eight players, enough for two courts. Sometimes there were as many as fifteen!!

Some of the guys: Norm, whom we just met; Ken, John who bought a couple of Ken's paddles; and Bert, a Canadian we know from Thousand Trails.

Another group: Mike whom we just met; Judy, Bert's wife; Larry whom we met on the courts in Orlando; and Ray, another player from Thousand Trails.

Mike and I were partners in a couple of games back to back. We WON both games!! That's why the very friendly pose!!

Luther (bouncing the ball) joins the guys for a game.

And here are the gals!! Judy; Phyllis from Thousand Trails; Betty whom we met here last year; Lee from Thousand Trails; and Faye.

It was so much fun playing with the gang.

Judy and Bert had us over for wine and nibbles one afternoon. Phyllis was there, too. Bert told us how they bottled their own wine at home in Canada. They have cases and cases of wine. Problem is, they can't bring it across the border!

You can tell we still had a good time even though we did not have their home-bottled wine!! Thanks Judy and Bert!

Uh Uh!! Fun is over -- it's TAX time!!

We leave Desert Pools on Tuesday morning, heading back to TT Palm Springs, but we surely did enjoy our time here.

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