Thursday, March 31, 2011


Our friends Dick and Rockey sent us these pictures taken on their Droid. I was amazed and thought these are probably the best close-ups we have ever had of us!! I decided to add them to the Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs (3rd Day) article posted March 20. You don't have to go to the article itself since I've posted the pictures here, too!! (No conceit here!! HA HA)

Faye already at work with her camera!

Ken enjoyed the matches too!!

Thanks for the pictures, Dick and Rockey!

Fellow Pickleball player, Paul, also has a blog (Earle's Travelog in the right margin of our Blog). Before he left TT Palm Springs and California, he took a group picture of the Pickleball players there. I "stole" the picture from his Blog to post it here for those who have not seen it.

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Mitch and Barb said...

Darn good-looking!

Sounds and looks like you are still having a good time. We miss you!