Monday, January 30, 2012


Jan 29 - Sunday. Nelson had stayed overnight at the nearby Motel 6. He came over to have pancake breakfast with us on Sunday morning. YUMMMM!

After breakfast we walked over to the Pickleball Courts to hit a few more balls. Nelson was much improved from yesterdays' workout!

In a little bit a nice young couple we had not met before (Phil and Cindy) came along and played a few games with Ken and Nelson. The foursome had some really fun games! Phil played with Nelson.

Nelson served.

Cindy and Ken are worthy opponents!

Nelson is ready to return the ball.

Oops! Oh well, you can't get them all!!

Nice game!! Thank you so much Phil and Cindy! See you on the courts!

Later in the afternoon I took Nelson for a drive around the area. We went over to Cahuilla Hills to see the Pickleball courts there (where the heavy players play). We went to the Santa Rosa Mountains Visitor Center and drove about 5 miles on SR74 into the mountains. Nelson loved the view of the Valley.

After that we drove East on Hwy 111 to downtown Palm Springs. Don't know why we didn't get pictures of that neat town!! Next was Cathedral City and the Cinemark theatre where we go to the $1 movie!!

Nelson was fascinated by the cell phone towers disguised as palm trees!!

We hated to see Nelson leave that evening! Looking forward to seeing you again real soon, Nelson!! Thanks for coming!!

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