Saturday, October 17, 2009


August - Granddaughter, Niki, has been studying Graphic Design in Savannah. As a part of her degree, she needs to complete an Internship. Lucky Niki got an internship in LA for the fall! She will be working at a place called Zoic Studios in Culver City from the beginning of September till mid December!

Niki and her mother, Vickie, flew to CA and found Niki a fully furnished Studio on the beach to rent for the period she will be there.

Niki and Vickie in California!
View from the Studio window.
Living Room.

Stairs to the Beach!

While on the west coast, they drove to Chula Vista to visit with Vickie’s brother, Richard, and his family.

Go get ‘em, Nike!! You’ll soon be working for Tina Fey!!! Love you!!!

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Niki said...

Love you tooo!!