Monday, April 5, 2010


April 5 – Joe and Cis are leaving Florida on Tuesday morning. Ken and I and Sally and Stan told them we had to do something special to say Good Bye. They suggested going to Smokey Joe’s for ribs. Great idea!! Smokey Joe’s is just up the road a few miles, the food is good and plentiful, and we would not have to prepare dinner!!

Cute picture from the front of Smokey Joe's. I just noticed Sexy Mamma!!

We bowlers had to race to get to Smokey Joe's at the designated time!! Joe and Cis invited some of their other friends at Torrey Oaks to join us as well.

Here are the Ladies!!

And here are the Men!!

We ordered the rib platters. UUMMMMMM Man!! One platter was enough for both of us. We had one big doggie bag to take home!!

We all had a great time at dinner and wish Joe and Cis a safe and pleasant journey home!!

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