Friday, April 9, 2010


April 09 – This was the fourth outing for the Torrey Oaks Ladies Luncheon Group, and it was probably the last for one for the 2010 Season. This time we returned to Java Café on Main Street. While Giovanni’s last month was good, it works out a little quicker when we can order at the counter.

So many of our previous group have left Florida for cooler climate, I think we had as many new participants as old!!

Our photographer was standing on a chair for a higher level. It seemed like at good idea at the time, I’m not so sure!!

Around the table, left to right. The new participants are shown in bold. Sarah, Sarah Lou, Nancy, Jan, Sally, Faye, The Other Sally, (Can't remember), Georgia and Jan.

We had a great time and a wonderful meal. Looking forward to next season!!!

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