Tuesday, April 6, 2010


April is the perfect time to be in Florida!! The weather has finally warmed up and it’s not rainy!! There’s a nice breeze blowing!! And everywhere the sweet fragrance of Orange Blossoms is on the air. It’s Heaven!! Come on down!!!

It seems impossible!! How can there be Orange blossoms on the trees and at the same time, in the same grove, trees still have oranges on them!!! In fact, the same tree can have both oranges and blossoms!! But, I guess God knows what he is doing!!

The weather is so good now that our plants have finally come alive!! Our Purple Shamrock was looking really sad a few weeks ago. Ken had bought some white pansies and another flowering plant and some basil. They looked as sad as the shamrock. Now, with this beautiful Florida weather, everything is beautiful!!!

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