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May 07-08 - This is unbelievable!! How can we be so lucky to be so unlucky??!! As we were traveling from Yuma to Apache Junction on April 30, Ken noticed that the dash Air Conditioner had stopped working. For quite a while (a year or more) the fan for the Air Conditioner had been making a loud noise spuratically. Then all of a sudden it stopped making noise and there was no A/C. When we arrived at Countryside, we called Tiffin Motor Homes and talked with their Serviceman. He suggested we go to Mesa RV, a huge RV dealership near Apache Junction, but we were reluctant to get involved with them.
The next day when we were talking with our friend Harold who lives in Mesa, he told us about RV Specialists in Apache Junction where he had a lot of repair work done on his own rig. He took us by to meet and talk with John at East Valley RV Specialists. We set up an appointment with them to repair the dash Heater/Air Conditioner on Monday, May 7 when we were scheduled to leave Countryside.
This is how we came in contact with RV Specialists, and we are so glad we did. This is what happened. Because in the meantime, we discovered we had no hot water. Ken went to light the propane hot water heater, but it would not light. We added hot water heater repair to our list.
The electric hot water heater was easy to solve. The switch for 110V was somehow turned off. Everything else checked out OK. However, the gas valve for the propane heater was bad. A new Atwood thermostat had to be ordered and would be in late that afternoon. This is the beautiful new thermostat! But it was too late to go to Camp Verde, so we took Harold up on his offer for us to park the RV overnight at his place.
But, this is the most amazing thing!! We were so lucky!! When we left Countryside to go to RV Specialists on Monday morning, we stopped by Fry's for diesel. About a half mile after leaving Fry's, Ken noticed the motor home was suddenly heating up! We were only three miles away from RV Specialists, so he decided to keep driving and we drove in on "a wing and a prayer"!! It was the drive belt that had broken!! On the way to the RV repair!! It could have happened half way between Yuma and Apache Junction!! It could have happened half way up the mountain to Verde Valley!! But, it happened three miles from the RV Specialists!! How lucky we were to be so unlucky!!
Here is the new drive belt!!

While replacing the drive belt, the serviceman noticed our radiator was clogged with oil and debris. They said they would need to remove the radiator to clean it properly (about 10 hours). Ken decided we could clean the radiator with de-greaser and a garden hose while we stayed at Harold's place overnight. We did a good job!!
When the serviceman was moving the RV to the service area, he noticed an air leak when he pushed down the parking brake button. That was a quick fix requiring only a repair of a loose air fitting at the connection.
Here is Ken settling up with John!! Ugh!!

With all the work done, we were ready to leave to stay overnight at Harold and Marion's place, ready to leave for Camp Verde the next morning.

At Harold's place we took care of cleaning the radiator!! Then I tried to extend our automatic WeatherPro awning. It went out about 18 inches and stopped!! It would not come in!! We had only a few minutes to call RV Specialists before they closed. John told Ken to remove the screw stop at the top of the awning so the awning would close. We set up an appointment to see they the next morning to take a look at the awning.
They discovered the awning control box was bad and had to order a new box. Delivery would take about four days. What to do??!! We decided to have the control box shipped overnight so they could repair the awning on Tuesday. In the meantime, we would stay overnight at RV Specialists. Everything worked out as planned. RV Specialists installed the new control box and we were finally on our way!!
The new control box.

The Engage/Disengage switch on the side of the control box.

The remote.

Finally, all of our repairs were complete and on Wednesday afternoon we were on our way to ROD Camp Verde!!  At last!!  What a trip!!!

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