Saturday, May 12, 2012


Roy, this one's for you!

Apr 28 -  While cruisin' around Yuma, we went over to the Pivot Point Interpretive Center, as reported earlier.  One of the main attractions of Pivot Point is Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Engine No. 2521.  I had a particular interest in the Steam Locomotive Engine because as posted in November 2011 Ken and I went with friend Roy and his wife Sandy to witness the last Steam Locomotive Engine built for Union Pacific as it made it's final journey through Indio.
Here is Engine No. 2521 at Pivot Point.

We were able to climb inside the engine!!

Don't be jealous, Roy!!

And walk all around it as we were exploring Pivot Point.

There was supposed to be a twenty minute sound display depicting the locomotive arriving at the station - "The Ghost Train" - but we missed it.   But, we actually heard the real thing when that old Union Pacific steam locomotive finally came down the track back in November with Roy and Sandy!!

(Union Pacific Steam Locomotive passing through Indio.  November 2011.)

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