Saturday, May 12, 2012


Apr 25-27 - When we were out west back in 2004, long-time Pickleball players, Brian and Eileen, recommended a dentist in Mexico that they said was a "gentle and understanding doctor".  Her name was Patricia Vicente.

Back then she was with the Cotton Valley Dental Group in Los Algodones, MX.  They were located on Avenue B, quite a little walk from the Border.  

After our first visit, we made an appointment to see Patricia every time we were back West.  On one such occasion, we discovered this open air Taco "restaurant" right across the street.  So now we make it a point to stop here for tacos every time we are in Los Algodones.

Patricia has changed dental groups and is now with the International Dental Group, much closer to the Border, but we still took the walk over to have tacos at our favorite taco place.  The owner, as usual, was grilling chicken leg quarters on the outside grill.

We ordered our usual tacos and Mexican beer.  This is the garnish plate to go with the tacos.  They were delicious!!  And the price was right!!  Five tacos and two beers = $11.

After eating, we walked back over to Patricia's new office.  Street scene on the way.

International Dental Group is located inside this "mall" on Avenue A, and, as I said, much closer to the Border!

Here is the International Dental Group office.
On this trip on Wednesday we both had our teeth cleaned and X-rayed.  We had to return on Friday for Ken to have a crown put in and I had a filling.  $280 total!!

A good trip to the Dentist!!

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