Monday, August 9, 2010


August 07 – This is our very first time in North Dakota. We marveled at how clean the highways are. As we drove along we noticed fields and fields and fields of bright sunflowers!! I guess the North Dakota state flower is the Sunflower!!

We stayed at the Frontier Fort RV Campground and Frontier Village in Jamestown, ND. It just so happened that this village had a buffalo herd with the only three Albino Buffalo in existence – White Cloud, her offspring Dakota Miracle, and Dakota Legend born of two brown buffalo!! This is what we saw of the buffalo.

They also have a statue of the World’s Largest Buffalo.

The General Store had this collection of Coca Cola stuff for sale. It reminded me of JoAnn who has a collection of Coke paraphernalia at home. The difference is, JoAnn’s collection is authentic and first editions!!

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