Sunday, August 8, 2010


July 29 – August 01 – I am always ready to view a waterfall or lighthouse!! Munising provided endless opportunities.

Ken and me at Munising Falls.

And at Wagner Falls.

Miners Falls (near Miners Castle seen on the Pictured Rocks Tour).

All quests are not successful, as in the case of the Autrain Falls. The write-up failed to mention an abandoned hydro-electric plant that diverted up most of the water in the Falls.
Peeping through the trees, trying to get a glimpse of the upper part of the falls!!
Scott Falls right on Hwy 28.


One of the most popular lighthouses in the area is the Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse. You can only see it by boat, and we passed near it on the Pictured Rocks Tour and the Shipwreck Tour.
But, I was most fascinated by the Grand Island Harbor Range Lights. Range lights are different from traditional lighthouses because they were not used to warn away ships but to provide them with a line of travel through the dangerous waters. They are designed to work in pairs with a rear and a front range light. By keeping the rear range light aligned with the Front Range light, mariners were able to properly navigate the narrow channel.

The Christmas Range Light was located just outside the Bay Furnace entrance. We drove by it many times without even noticing.

Ranger Ian from Bay Furnace NP discusses the operation of the lighthouse. The smaller front range light is located across the highway on the water.

The other range light is located right on Main Street in Munising. The sister light is across Hwy 28 and up a hill.

I also went in quest of the perfect sunset. No luck there. This is the best I could do, but a good way to say good-bye to Munising!! What a wonderful time we had in this little seaside town!!

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