Friday, August 13, 2010


August 12 – We Made It!!! After barely making it through the narrow bridge at the Grand Cooley Dam, and missing a vital turn that caused us to drive the rig down Main Street of the small town of Omak, we arrived safely at the Omak Fairgrounds. We are very happy with our accommodations.

We drove into town to pick up our rodeo tickets for Saturday night (Chute seats) being held at Will Call. We decided to buy additional tickets for Friday night. Rodeo tickets include admission to watch the Suicide Race.

Then we drove to the area where the Suicide Race is run. You can’t tell it here but this cliff is located in a vacant lot between two houses on a residential street beside the river.

Each evening during the Rodeo about 10-12 Indians race at break-neck speed down this hillside, into the river,
up on the other side, and into the rodeo grounds where the winner is announced.

Pretty exciting!!

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