Monday, August 9, 2010


August 02 – We left Munising in high spirits. I had hoped to pause along the way to see a few more lighthouses, but it was a rainy day and not conducive to touring. So we kept driving until somehow we ran upon a service station next to the Bad River Casino in Ashland, WI. We noticed electric hookups for RVs so while Ken was pumping diesel, I asked the attendant what was the deal for RVs at the Casino. She said it was FREE!! Just hook up and enjoy. So we did.

I talked Ken into driving me up to the Apostle Island National Lakeshore, about 25 miles north. I was anxious to see the Islands, and they would stamp my National Passport Book. The drive along the shore of Lake Superior was very disappointing after being in Munising where the water was so beautiful and accessible. Here we could not even see the Lake. When we got to the Apostle Islands, we were told the only way to view them was on a tour boat and no more tours were scheduled that afternoon. For many $$$ we could take a ferry to Madeline Island, but that island was not a part of the Apostle Island chain. We decided to pass.

We took a picture of the marina and I insisted on a drive further up the coast. The Lake must be visible from some point!!

Here – turn down this road!!

So we did and ran into a dead end and still no water view!! Ken was backing up to turn around and scraped a real estate sign with the back passenger side of the car!!! It does not look damaged – just a lot of green paint!!

The only good parts of that drive: I did get my Passport Book stamped in two different Visitors Centers, and Ken found the North Coast Coffee Shop where we enjoyed an ice cream!!

That is not the end of our problems in Wisconsin!! On the way back to the Casino, we passed a new Wal-Mart and decided to have the oil changed and the tires rotated. The oil change was no problem but when they rotated the tires they noticed they were badly worn and recommended that we get new tires. Well, I guess it was about that time!! We did not buy the tires at Wal-Mart but opted to get them at the nearby Sam’s Club.

The next morning we had planned to drive to McGregor, MN to visit with Barb and Mitch. Instead, we found the Sam’s Club in Duluth and had new tires installed. After that, we found the Sears Auto Center nearby and had the car aligned!!

Now, at last, we were ready to leave Wisconsin (Get me out of here!!!) and drive to Minnesota to see Barb and Mitch!!!

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